Decking for pool surrounds

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When you have a pool, you definitely want to surround it with a deck that is inviting and that gives you a place to lounge by the water. There are a wide variety of options out there so understanding their differences, including pros and cons, can help you choose the one that’s best for your pool area.

Concrete is one choice that is both durable and long lasting. However, even with a textured concrete pattern, this material can become quite slick when wet and does pose the risk of falls. On the other hand, it holds up well to moving furniture around on it and gives you a clean, defined look in your garden.

Wooden decks aren’t quite as common as they once were. When used near a pool, the wood will need to be treated to prevent warping and damage due to moisture. Wood can also be slippery when wet and will need to be replaced more often than other types of decking. Despite all that, wooden decks look nice and give your garden pool area a visual appeal that is hard to match.

One of your best choices when it comes to pool decking is composite materials. Not only is it nice to look at, but composite decking is incredibly durable and long lasting and won’t warp, rot or split. That means you won’t have to replace it too regularly and you’ll be safe from splinters. It’s also slightly textured and water resistant, offering some protection against slips and falls since the water isn’t absorbed into the material. It comes in a variety of colours that you can match to your garden look and you can rely on it for many years to come.

Another perk of composite decking is that reflects the heat well, which helps keep it from becoming really hot during the summer unlike other surfaces, like concrete. This helps protect you from burns and keeps your pool area cool and comfortable. At the same time, the composite decking is mildew and mould resistant, which means less time spent cleaning and maintaining your pool deck.

When you want an attractive pool deck that is safe and that offers lots of longevity, you can never go wrong when you choose composite materials. Not only will you enjoy your deck, but you can share with friends and family when you entertain in your garden.

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