How to fit composite decking

Below is a guide on how to fit composite decking and a video showing an installation?

Preparation before installation

When you have taken delivery of your composite decking, it is recommended that you allow at least a day for the decking to adjust to your local temperature before you start installation.

The supporting structure or base

You will need a flat supporting base to fix your composite decking to. You should not fix composite decking straight to the floor. You may use a concrete base and then have joists fixed to it. The spacing between joists should be around 12 inches apart, but you should confirm this with the manufactures instructions.

When you are installing composite decking, it is important that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. When laying out composite decking you should ensure that the gap between decking boards is as stated by the manufacturer as composite decking will expand with rises in temperature. How to fasten your decking depends on the decking type. Some decking is designed to be installed using hidden fasteners, while others can be installed using reverse thread screws.

Staggering the butt joints on long decks usually improves the overall appearance of the deck. Some people may also prefer a distinctive paten.

Composite decking is expensive so it is always wise to plan out how you are going to lay the decking in advance to ensure you waste as little as possible.

How to install composite decking video

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